In most private schools, the tuition rate is informed by the following factors:

  • Cost of curriculum and materials;
  • Cost of hired staff;
  • Cost of operations (rent, insurance, utilities);
  • Cost of reasonable and necessary inventories (first aid; classroom furnishings such as tables, chairs, blackboards; even playground equipment).

In most private schools, these would be anticipated?shared costs. Costs, divided by the number of families sharing the cost, would approximate the tuition rates. Additionally, tuition rates would be informed by the local economy.

St. Nicholas Orthodox Academy is not a typical private school.

We are blessed with several economic factors that give the Academy a unique economic situation:

  1. We wish to honor and emulate our Patron Saint (St. Nicholas the Wonderworker of Myra) in how we operate St. Nicholas Orthodox Academy. Therefore, we offer an unusual tuition/fee structure. We will not turn away eligible families because of inability to pay.
  2. St, Nicholas Orthodox Academy relies on endowments, donations, and scholarships given by people who have the God-given desire and the financial ability to support the school. We are blessed to have an endowment that will cover our start-up costs and sustain the school as long as we remain small. Tuition, donations, and future endowments will enable the school to grow. Because of these unique economic factors, we are able to offer scholarships and/or sliding scale tuition rates to families who would otherwise not able to pay the full amount of tuition, and no otherwise eligible family will be turned away because of inability to pay. Finally, we are able to honor our Orthodox clergy families (Priests, Deacons, and Readers) by granting these families a full tuition waiver; they may enroll their children at no cost. Our tuition structure is as follows:
Clergy (priests, deacons, readers) families: No Tuition
Full tuition (1st child in a family): $6,000 per year
Full tuition (2nd and other children in a family): $5,800 per year


Tuition may be paid annually, quarterly, or monthly (9 monthly payments).

Families that are unable to pay the full tuition amount are invited to speak with our Executive Director or Administrator to inquire about available scholarships or (if no scholarships are available) to request a tuition waiver or determine a sliding scale tuition amount.

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