Our elementary students made two posters, one thanking the firefighters and one thanking Animal Control.

The Petrilla fire, that scorched about 350 acres, came dangerously close to St. Nicholas Orthodox Academy on Wednesday, June 16. Even though the fire burned some of our property, no buildings were harmed, thanks to the firefighters who protected our buildings. The school’s two mini horses and shepherds were in danger, and Animal Control officers rounded them up and took them to safety. They then helped us reunite with our horses and dogs to get them back home when it was safe to do so.

Our students made the posters to thank the firefighters and Animal Control officers. We will proudly display them on the front of the main school building. We are very grateful to all of these heroes!

Of course, all students and staff were evacuated when the fire first started. We were not able to return to the area for over 5 hours because of road closures. When we did return, we were delighted to see that our buildings were still standing. We will be forever grateful to those first responders who truly saved the day!

@Truckee Meadows Fire Protection District @Washoe County Animal Control @Washoe County Regional Animal Services @Reno Fire Department @Carson City Fire Department @Reno Police Department @Nevada Highway Patrol

Photos from the Academy

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