Building Update

February 6, 2020

For immediate release:

Last spring, St. Nicholas Orthodox School in Kamarich Village, Nandi, Kenya purchased an additional 2 acres of land very close to the existing school and St. Nicodemos Orthodox Church.  A local architect designed a permanent, 8-classroom building to accommodate the current classrooms and allow for some growth.

School resumed for the new school year on January 7, and at that time, a First Grade classroom was added to the existing early childhood education program so that students who attended school last school year may continue their educations at St. Nicholas Orthodox School.  In anticipation of the new school year and the additional classroom, a second temporary building was erected and will be utilized until the new permanent building is completed.

The Kenyan Government recently outlawed the use of temporary buildings as classrooms, due to some tragic injuries and deaths that occurred when a temporary school building collapsed.  Thankfully, St. Nicholas Orthodox School was granted special permission to utilize temporary buildings until the construction of the permanent building can be completed.

We are very grateful to the donors who have generously contributed toward the land purchase and new construction.

Please remember St. Nicholas Orthodox School, Nandi, Kenya in your prayers.  

We will post an update once we break ground on the new building, which we anticipate will be in the next few weeks.

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