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    Student Information

    Student's Legal Name

    Please provide a copy of the student's birth certificate as soon as possible. You may hand-carry it to your admissions interview, or email it to:, or attach it in this form:




    Other Education

    Please provide prior academic records (such as your child?s last report card), if available, at your admissions interview.

    Where? When? Reason for leaving?

    Parent Information

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    Parent 2


    If there are additional stepparents or guardians, please provide this information at your admissions interview.

    Other Caretakers

    (e.g., nanny, babysitter, grandparent)


    Name: Grade: Age: School

    Special Needs

    If your child has special needs, we will ask you to help us serve your child better by completing a Special Needs Information Form at the time of your admissions interview.

    Financial Assistance


    If yes, we will discuss our partial and full scholarship programs with you at your admissions interview.

    Exempt Private School Information

    St. Nicholas Orthodox Academy is operated as an exempt private school under the provision of NRS 394.211 and as such is exempt from the provisions of the Private Elementary and Secondary Education Authorization Act.

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