Our Long-Term Vision

June 4, 2021
For Immediate Release:
I am very excited to report that St. Nicholas Orthodox Academy is embarking on a building project!  When we purchased the 14-acre property for the school, the plan was to use existing buildings temporarily, with the goal of building a new structure (or structures) in the future.  The building project got put on hold because of the pandemic and other priorities (such as pursuing accreditation).  However, the time has come to get serious about building.
A few years ago, we had quite a bit of engineering work performed on the property (soil samples, topographical mapping, etc.).  Recently, Jennifer, my “finance guy” Brett, and I met with a builder/contractor and a zoning/planning expert.  In the not-so-distant future, we will meet with an architect (or several architects, to decide who we want to work with).
The plan at this point (and, of course, it can change) is to level the existing structures.  It is quite costly to maintain the old buildings, ancient septic tank, etc.  I think the money would be better spent on new facilities as much as possible from here on out.
I’m not certain at this time how much of the structure behind the two-story piece will be kept.  Once the old structures are gone, we will have a very large “footprint” on which to construct a new building (or buildings).
We have quite a bit of preliminary work to do, which will involve lots of meetings with the people involved in the project and various Washoe County officials.  This will likely take 6 months to 1 year.  Once construction begins, it will take about 1 year.  So, we won’t have our new school as quickly as we all would like.
During the construction process, perhaps beginning as early as September 2021, we will move into temporary facilities.  Two possible temporary situations are being considered:
1.  Leasing space away from our current campus.
2.  Bringing a temporary building (or two) to our current campus.  Temporary school buildings are available for lease, and they are a “turn-key” option that would provide everything we need to continue our teaching and learning activities during the construction process.
I’m partial to the second option, simply because I love being on our beautiful 14-acre campus.  We would be able to place the temporary buildings away from the dust and the noise that will be inevitable during the building project.
I will provide updates as we move forward, and I look forward to watching our new school become a reality!

Photos from the Academy